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"I won’t kiss you. It might get to be a habit and I can’t get rid of habits."
~F. Scott Fitzgerald (via fearlessknightsandfairytales)

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what’s the name of these flowers?

HQ Scan from the 2015 Taylor Swift Calendar (untagged)
Fat fat fat

It’s eid month so it is equal with fat fat fat and fat month! Eat eat eat!

Happy eid month people



Okay bruv
We are never ever ever ever ever going to talk again like ever

Okay I admit we’ve been in hiatus status for months (and that’s because you didn’t hit me back and I’m afraid to hit you back too *talk about ego*) I miss to talk to tou for months!
And I did turn down my ego last night (god knows how hard my finger wanna hit the send button) to send you happy eid wishes. I was expecting you to make the conversation as I’m the one who start the conversation (oh god so complicated) and yah you did REPLIED which was you just said “YOU TOO”
Just You freaking Too (oh my god). What did you expect me to say huh bruv? Even my boyfriends wish me a longer wishes than you like what the hell bruv. Ugh
So, this morning when I saw that “you too” replied , in my mind like absent mindedly thinking “that’s it, we’re over, we’re stranger now sayonara A”
I probably gonna delete your number soon so whatever bruv. I’m gonna meet more handsome, charming, cute, tall, funny, clever guy in future *insha Allah*

That’s it for today
Saying sayonara to A like the easiest thing to do and I’m much more happy, free confused and lonely at the same time. Lol

Happy eid people