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"Note to self: “I love you” does not mean “I won’t ever leave you."
~Note 1. (via fragmentallygirl)
"This guy 😠"
No string attached

Okay it has been a while since I write
My friend introduced me with a guy a super really cute and hot and tall and ugh all my needed dream in state of physical appearance. But yeah I’m not even sure if I can meet him someday in future *which I wish I’m gonna meet him someday* god the fact that his smile is so charming and his teeth god so straight and white.
Now, there is one problem
Okay probably I just knew him for like what? 2 days and yah at first he start to make the convo which is so not the right time for making a convo cause I was so sleepy that time and try so hard making the convo on going and yah I fell asleep. I hate myself right now. Don’t ask 😢
Okay on the second day,
From morning till evening I was like a crazy person waiting him to hit me in whatsapp and yah he’s not hitting me ugh. All the thoughts of is he hate me? didn’t like me? and all the bad thinking stuff come out from my head.
At 8.30pm I cannot resists to text him and yah I did. HAHA
Plus I don’t want him to see me as a nerdy girl or virgin in love who only want a guy text her first. That is why I did. And the convo went well like I feel like I don’t want it end 😔
And his friends force him to go to futsal *which I hope he’s not lying to me*
*finger crossed*
I was like dammit I’m in heaven right now texting with a super hot guy right now. Why his friends want to go futsal at that moment. Okay ignore me murmuring. Lol
So yeah, he did go to the futsal and promise me to text me as soon as he finish the game which he guess I’m gonna sleep at that time.
Unfortunately, I did sleep arghhhhhhhhhh I hate myself Asdfghjkl
So he texted me on 2.10 am *I think
He texted me “good night stranger” which I woke up the next hour and realised he did text me and I was like awhhhhhh *blushing on 3 am* haha
So I replied him good night his name.
It feel so good at that which I cannot continue my sleep at that time 😶
I has been a while and it feel so good. I wanna thank him for making me feel that good. ~sound so wrong lol
For the 3rd day..
How I wish I’m texting him right now :(
Do I really need to wait for him again or hit his whatsapp first? 😟
I wish that he will text me first.
But we did set our I dont know what to call it friendship status? :/
We are the no string attached friends.
So I hope at least I can get to know him more and more. And not gonna expecting anything from him 😊
Anyway It was nice to know you A